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I have close friends and some family who wonder what drives my passion to spend my weekends and evenings fulfilling my blogging passion. When they hear the topic, lifestyle and fashion, it becomes a no-brainer. That old saying, “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” could not be more true. But my fire had to be lit. Before “Luxe Styles” was born I had some amazing blogger inspo. These women, intentional in their purpose, inspired me to go out on a limb.

My very first blogger inspo is Massy Arias. I will always call her “MankoFit” though. The first time I came across her Insta a few years ago my mouth dropped. First of all she is drop-dead gorgeous. Second, I was in awe of this unapologetically, strong woman who was so comfortable in her skin. This was a time before “strong is the new sexy.” I spent so much time going over her old posts, absorbing her words and learning how she turned her test and hard times into her testimony. I then realized she’s gorgeous on the inside – even better. Massy made me feel like there were no barriers and like I am my only obstacle in life. Her posts are always transparent, very authentic and she encourages women and men alike to live their best selves. Her uplifting and encouraging words are food for the soul. Although I suffered from an impinged shoulder and an inflammation of one knee from previous injuries, Massy inspired me to find ways to incorporate weight training and heavy lifting in my workout routine. She is the reason I completely changed my approach to fitness. I spread the word and Insta about Massy Arias to everyone. She is THE business!

I received a much different type of inspo from Anni of “FashionHippieLoves.” Anni is another blogger I’d been following for a few years before my blogger bug bit. Everything about Anni or FashionHippieLove’s IG feed screamed art to me. There is a lot of escapism in her lifestyle and in the photos she curates. None of it is #goals for me, but I always find the feed stunning. Her blog made me think for the first time about my own love of style and fulfilling myself more creatively outside of my 9-to-5. I’m sure our paths will never cross but I owe her my gratitude for inspiring me to go ahead and take the leap into the world of blogging.

It’s important for me to support the great work of other women. I actively seek out bloggers I think are making a difference with others. Several months ago I found Mom Crush Monday. What a gem and true motivation for all the mamas out there. Destiney of Mom Crush Monday is so transparent with the ups and down, the risks and reward of motherhood, especially as a single parent. While her images may look glam, her words speak the reality of this beautiful journey. Destiney and her daughter just make your heart swell. Mom Crush Monday helps me increase my compassion for single mothers. I am also reminded to stop and be present in some very important moments in my life. You should definitely give her a follow. I don’t even have little ones and I can relate to a lot of her posts.

I also really love SecretofDD (she is such a boss) and DailyKongfidence (the lady can work street style like no other). These are two bloggers I found mad love for once I decided to jump into blogging feet first. Of course there are more, but I’d never stop typing. You can check them all out by clicking through on each of their names. I am pretty sure you will see the same thing I saw in each of them. Feel free to share your blogger inspo in the comments below.

Here’s to strong women – may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. – Author unknown

Thanks for journeying with me loves! xx

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