Classic Red Lip

I used to be so scared to wear red lipstick. You could chalk that fear up to years of foolishness and hijinks. Oh! I had so much trial and error without the wider availability of beauty products for women of color that we have today. I used to look like Ronald McDonald’s little sister in my previous attempts to rock a red lipstick. Fail! Now, that I’ve got my mojo – and the help of many YouTube vlogger channels made especially for women whose melanin game is strong – I love nothing better than a classic red lip.

Hands down, my favorite classic red lip color is Dare You by MAC. It is an oldie but a goodie. I don’t know what I will do if they retire the color. It took so long to find a complementary color for my skin tone. Not only does it look good, I also don’t look like I just participated in a massacre, like some red lip colors unknowingly suggest. I picked up a gorgeous…I mean stunning, classic red lippy from Urban Decay (a brand I love). Their creme sheen did not produce the same results. I just happened to take a peek at myself in my rear-view mirror before hopping out of my car and “quelle horreur.” The lipstick had smudged around my mouth ridiculously – teeth included. My lips are not small to begin with. You know people don’t like to tell you when you have food in your teeth. Do you think anyone was going to mention the mess that was the red ring around my mouth? Absolutely not a good look. Let me get re-focused, LOL!

I said all of that to say, let me save you the trouble. Dare You is absolutely worth the hype! It’s a rich, red made for warm skin tones. It doesn’t spread across your face, even if you don’t want to line with a lip pencil. It doesn’t dry out your lips either. It’s not incredibly staining, like most red, matte colors. I can never properly test them out because once I try one, it takes every eye makeup remover and alcohol product at the makeup counter to get the color removed. Way too much for me. I like staying power but matte lipstick looks dry on me, feels drying to me and I need more flexibility with the color red. I prep my lips for the bold color with a bit of a sugar scrub (try this one by Fresh). Of course you can make your own scrub with a bit of coconut oil, brown sugar granules and lemon oil (orange oil or any other citrus-based oil you choose). At the end of the night when it’s all said and done with a full day or night with red lips, I moisturize my lips really well before going to bed. One of my favorite, slightly indulgent moisturizes is the Korres Lip Butter. I don’t even need to slather it on – a little goes a long way. I love Lanolips too. It’s 98% natural and leaves not a trace of a dry lip! I don’t take any shorts when it comes to my lips, LOL.

Since I’ve come across Dare You, I’ve been rocking my classic red lip fearlessly. I keep it simple – the red lip and my big hair. They are the icing on my cake *wink*.

Classic Red Lip

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