cute grey heels

Cute Grey Heels


Cute grey heels are so hard to find. They are always “on my list” because they are an effortless, neutral shoe – good for work, weddings, casual-wear – you name it. Yet, they are so elusive. I am very specific about what I want in my cute, grey heels. A standard, pointed-toe heel just won’t do. Shoes are one of my favorite accessory – a simple, pointed-toe may blend into the outfit. The exception is the d’orsay style heel. I love the way it accentuates the arch of the foot. Otherwise, I have to have some sort of an embellishment when I’m rocking the grey heels.

I used to hem-and-haw when I would find a pair of grey heels I liked. Not anymore; I learned how quickly other women with my shoe size must have the same problem. I would lose out with my indecisiveness. Now, if I find a pair I like, I snatch them up. I’ve gone from an at least two-year stretch where I was on the hunt for the right pair, to three super cute pairs I have in rotation now (one specifically for Fall). I’m trying to show a little restraint and keep myself from buying another pair (I’m having the same issue with blush shoes, by the way). How many pairs of cute grey heels does one person need? LOL. I am making little deals with myself: You can get THIS pair, IF you sell your least favorite pair. It is not easy bargaining with myself. Trust me on this. However…the fact that I’ve even shifted to this type of mindset is growth. Big growth.

There is an abundance of dope black heels, gorgeous blue heels and, red heels to make your legs look like “whoa.” You might have been like me, in the struggle column, trying to secure yourself some cute, grey heels for the summer (or other seasons). I’m sharing some of the best ones I’ve run across in my quest. What’s your color – which one has eluded you forever and now you feel like overdosing on the color every time you find it?

cute grey heels

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