Email templates to help you collaborate with brands

I am pretty excited to introduce this new part of my blog and share some of the relationship and brand marketing skills I have learned over the years. My career has spanned from over ten years working as a marketing specialist in television, to an account executive role for an advertising and online program management agency for universities, to leading the full operational facets of small campuses, which include the branding, lead generation, partnership development and marketing of programs. Without question, the relationship marketing spectrum is the most interesting and rewarding part of my job. It is euphoric for me when the collaborative effects of these efforts result in some form of high engagement, ideally two-way conversations between our brand and our customers. When value has been identified and delivered it’s a win for the customer and a win for the us!

Over the past couple of years I’ve been sharing the relationships and resources I’ve acquired with women who are embracing their side hustles and their entrepreneurial spirit to create their own lanes and elevate their platforms. It has evolved from allowing others to “pick my brain” to coaching clients in areas like brand consistency, digital marketing and even as minute as engaging brands. It can be intimidating. As fun and saucy as I think relationship marketing can be, others see it as a means to an end – a necessary evil. My enthusiasm about all things marketing and helping others elevate their platform through marketing is like my first sip of low-acidic, perfectly timed, cold brew coffee. Refreshing! Exhilarating! Energizing! Let’s do this thing together baby!

One theme that recurs with ladies I consult with in the influencer marketing space (which is a HUGE part of the relationship marketing continuum) is representing oneself through outreach. Questions like, “How do I begin reaching out to brands?” “At what point should I start reaching out to brands?” “What do I even say to them to start a conversation?” are common and the intimidation is real! As someone who’s had to work with manufacturers and distributors on behalf of retailers to promote brands cooperatively, and who’s also successfully reached out to brands and established partnerships I decided to share some templates (that can be tweaked and modified to your voice) to get the proverbial ball rolling. Two things to keep in mind – it is OK to be direct, but good-natured. Save everyone involved their time and don’t beat around the bush. The second thing is to understand value, from the brand’s perspective and how you and your readers or followers can deliver on that stated value.

These email templates to help you kick-start your conversations and collaborations with brands are just a start. I will be sharing more gems and resources that I hope will help you reach your relationship marketing goals. Go forth and squeeze every moment out of the day!

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