faith and hustle

Faith and Hustle


The Word is clear, faith alone is not the answer to being saved. Faith must be accompanied by a life of good works. I like to think of those good works as having and putting out good energy and quietly and sincerely giving to others. What are we here for if not to leave a mark in the lives of others? When I reflect on my works, I think about my hustle. Faith and hustle have come to define my lifestyle, my way of being.

I’ve heard it said it we make the time for the things that are important to us. Truth! It is important to me to find ways to serve others in a variety of capacities. Mentoring young girls is important to me. Helping underserved youth find their voice and gain access and equity in education is extremely important to me. Reading my Bible and spending time understanding my devotionals and in prayer is important to me. Being with my family and spreading love is important to me. The list goes on. Lending my time or talent in any of these areas on top of a nine to ten-hour work day, managing my blog, trying to stay on top of my fitness and manage my household requires a serious hustler mentality. I have positive mindset and vision (that is also in due in large part to my faith); I make the most of all my free time; I do not believe in failure I believe in re-direction (that is an entirely different blog post) and; most importantly I believe in myself. That belief in myself is a bit of both, faith and hustle mentality.

I have always been a private person, not one to open up much until I really got to know and trust a person. On the other hand a large part of me wants to help others. If a sentence or two of what I’ve shared helps just one person, then I’m happy with the good works and with opening up a bit more. After all, what is the point of this forum if I am not giving more of myself? Thank you for allowing me to be.

faith and hustle

faith and hustle

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