Haute Hippie Dress

Haute Hippie is one of my favorite boho chic brands. Some of their dresses and styles give me full-on Serena Van Der Woodsen Gossip Girl vibes. Depending on your style personality it’s quite easy to continue accentuating all the bohemian feels. The versatility of this particularly Haute Hippie dress also lends itself to a quick walk on the sassy side. It’s all about the accessories (and in my case the fit of the dress).

On the rack or depicted on the models advertising this Haute Hippie dress it appears as if it’s pretty modest. It looks like a cute dress to wear for brunches or even church, but in real life… Either I’ve spent too much time on cardio (highly unlikely because I detest it), and I’ve lost more upper body or the dress naturally fits loosely. I’m going with the latter. In the advertised photos the dress was probably sewn or pinned closed. When I wore the dress, with every movement I made, I had to be conscious of exposing the cup of my bra. With some of the triangle-style bralettes, it might be a cute look, but it wasn’t the one I was going for. The next time I wear this, I’d definitely discretely add a pin to keep my goodies under wraps. Other than that I love the deep V look.

I couldn’t resist wearing some nude heels with this grey dress for a cool, nude-on-nude look. I think teal would be a great accent color with this Haute Hippie Dress also. The ruching on the dress is my second favorite detail. It is minimal and does not distract from the dress at all. I’ve linked it and a gorgeous blue one below (perfect for the Spring).

Now if I can just get a bit of color on my legs so they don’t blend so well with my nude heels! LOL.

Haute Hippie Dress

Haute Hippie Dress

Haute Hippie Dress

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Grey dress | Blue dress | Aquazurra heels | Viva Glam

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