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I am sure the question I was recently posed has everything to do with the warm weather but I have to be real – it’s one I never put one much thought into (with some caveats). A good friend who works in HR asked my opinion on open toe shoes at work. Most environments, hers included, are business casual workplaces with vague guidelines. Especially in less corporate environments. Like mine also.

Times have changed so much, especially in the last five years, and thank goodness they have. Clothing and shoes are a personal expression. While I fully understand the workplace is not necessarily the environment to fully “be who you are” I am encouraged women are not as restricted as we had been in recent years.

That is not to say there are not open toe shoes at work that give me pause when I see them. I do not believe flip flops are appropriate any day of the week including casual Friday. They are too exposing, far too casual and that damn flipping and flopping is too distracting. I know they are hugely popular in tech firms and creative companies, but I would not personally wear them even if the dress code allowed it. I also think the height of any sandal or open toe shoes at work should be modest, like the 3″ inch range. I will admit that is a struggle for me. The higher the heel the better (in my personal life) but I realize I must be careful with that in the office. If I am wearing slacks my heel may be a little higher but if I’ve got on a skirt or dress I keep the heel on the safe side.

A peep toe is always a good bet if the shoe is comfortable. I love them and invested in a couple of stylish pairs. But…after a couple of hours my toes were killing me – it’s the only thing I hate about the style of shoe. I finally got smart and wrapped my toes individually in the toe tape dancers use to cushion my toes.

I realize there are some industries where open toe shoes at work would be completely off limits, like government, law and corporate finance. They are still very polished and buttoned-up (my attorney is always so sleek, but I’ve yet to catch her in open toes). I am glad I am in a career where it is an option for me. I keep great care of my feet and continue to play it safe with my choice of “sandals” in the workplace. I know there are some people who feel no matter what the policy says, open toe shoes don’t belong in the workplace. to those I say “don’t look down.” You should walk with your head up anyway *wink*

Here are some options:

open toe shoes at work Charles David

Charles by Charles David Peep Toe

Open toe shoes at work Sam Edelman Audrey Suede cross strap sandal

Sam Edelman Cross Strap Sandal

What are your thoughts – agree or disagree? Feel free to keep up with a lot of my antics (open and close toe, on social!) See you lovelies!!


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