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I am one of those “June babies” who has not had any desire to represent the June birthstone in any fashion until now. I should clarify, if I could get my hands on the original June birthstone, the very rare Alexandrite, I’d be a very happy lady. Alas that gemstone is extremely rare since the geological conditions required for the formation of the Alexandrite do not occur often. SORRY – I digress.

Right now pearls are the rage! Those of us born in June had our precious Alexandrite replaced with pearls. While the traditional and “classic” pearls are still readily available, these are not your mother’s pearls! I have found some beautiful, quality, on-trend pearl jewelry like these pearl bracelets by Honora in my favorite color violet. These pearl bracelets make a great bridesmaids gift – they come in 12 of the most common colors (grey, champagne, teal, chocolate, rose, etc.).

I received my pearl bracelet set as a gift and I love wearing this violet color with cobalt, grey, white, etc. I would have never thought to get these bracelets for myself but I am so glad I received them as a gift. Of course the bracelet can be worn as a single strand, double or all three bracelets.

I think these pearl bracelets are a thoughtful, timeless alternative to the traditional jewelry a bride or close girlfriend might give her friends.

Share in the comments one of your favorite gifts you’ve received from a friend.

Lav Pearls 2

Honora Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stretch Bracelets

Lav Pearls

Honora Freshwater Cultured Pearls Stretch Bracelet


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