Have you ever thought about taking an inventory of your closet and putting all of its contents in the palm of your hand? If so, have I got the app for you! Stylebook allows you to take photos of everything in your closet and import them into your personal and virtual closet. This is by far the most difficult part of the process, I will not kid you. If you never met a sale you didn’t like and have more clothes than you can stand, this is going to take some time. Still I encourage you to just take the time and do it. You will understand why this is a good idea by the time we get through this article.

You will have to take a picture of each piece of clothing, jewelry, shoes, lipstick, nail polish – whatever, you want to import into the app. The upside is you can use this time as an honest moment of reflection. Decide what you really want to keep, take a photo of and import it or free yourself of items you know you are long overdue to part with. Bonus for you – depending on how new some of your items are, you can download photos of the pieces online and import them directly into the app. It is a huge time-saver because you don’t have to lay each piece out “just so” to snap a pic to import it into Stylebook.

The app will make it easy on you. If you lay down a white sheet to take your pictures, and the item you are importing is not white, Stylebook will erase the background for you. Otherwise you do have to edit your images somewhat with the tools within their app.

Once your virtual closet is loaded by category (you can also create your own categories (like short-sleeve sweater), you can begin creating collages of your outfit ideas called “looks.” Name the looks whatever makes sense to you, like ‘street style,’ ‘date night,’ ‘wedding ideas,’ etc. You can visually mix-and-match pieces within the app to play with outfit ideas you may have never imagined. Plan your outfits without ever making a mess of your room or your bed. This is ah-mazing if you are especially tight on space. What I love about this app is you can create and play with your closet during your downtime like when you’re stuck in long lines, at games, when you’re binging Netflix – whenever! It is hard to decide the best feature of this app, yet another extremely amazing feature is the ability to save your outfit ideas to the app’s calendar. Talk about LEVELS! If you are a planner or find yourself scrambling in the mornings trying to figure out what you want to wear, this should make you so excited! What a time-saver and it is so helpful to see everything laid out visually, by day.

I could go on and on about this closet organization app. There are so many more features available with Stylebook. But I will part with this last doozy. Style Stats, which is exactly as it sounds. With Stylebook you will get a clear picture of your cost-per-wear (CPW) for every article of clothing loaded within the app. You have to enter the price you paid for the clothing and log when you wear it. Stylebook does an excellent job of not only breaking down CPW but your overall closet value, the items with the worst value and what you are underutilizing. It can be a real eye-opener.

Currently Stylebook is available only in the App Store (for iOS devices, like an iPhone or an iPad for now). The cost is $3.99, but worth the investment.

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