The No Makeup Makeup Look Essential Set

I love seeing more women embrace their natural beauty. I am a lifelong fan of allowing my skin to breathe while using makeup - like a red lippy - as an enhancer, rather than something that changes my look.  I am only recently getting into using a bit of color on my cheekbones or the bridge of my nose, to create a soft and dewy look. The one, essential set I use to create a no makeup, makeup look is the Ogee Crystal Contour Collection. If I had to describe the collection in two words, I'd say, "fresh-faced" and "glowing."

I should preface this by saying I also believe my skincare routine is an important part of the base for my no makeup, makeup look. I believe proper skincare is the foundation of any good makeup look, whether it is a natural aesthetic or otherwise. Invest in a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that will work well for your skin type. Once you have your skincare sorted, you can move on to makeup. OK, getting back to my favorite no makeup,  but makeup look essential set.

These sticks literally glide on the skin. They are formulated with jojoba oils, olive oils, or coconut oils (it depends on the stick), fruit extracts, and other clean beauty products. A couple of points I always keep in mind are:

  • Keep it minimal. When it comes to a natural makeup look, less is definitely more. If you have to layer on too much, it's probably not the correct shade or colorway for your complexion.
  • If it is needed, just a little bit of concealer to even out skin tone or dark areas (like under the eye)
  • A few swipes of volumizing and lengthening mascara, and a nude or complementary skin tone lip balm to finish the look.

....and voila! Whether you’re just not a fan of wearing a lot of makeup or you’re simply trying to cut down on the amount of time you spend getting ready in the morning, these tips will help you get a fresh-faced, natural look that enhances your beautiful glow, requiring minimal effort.


I hired my niece to do my makeup for my wedding. She is a wiz with contouring, layering, shading...all the things I don't do. But I knew she would understand how to enhance my looks without making me feel unnatural. In fact, my husband pulled her aside and asked her not to send me down the aisle with a face he wouldn't recognize, LOL. My natural face is the face he absolutely loves. After watching how she did my makeup, I decided I could manage to create a soft, natural aesthetic on the days I want to add a little bit of oomph to my look. I call this my, "no makeup look for beginners."

If you want to give the Ogee Contour Collection a try (or any of their other products), use my code: CASSOGEE to save yourself some coins!

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