6 Skincare Essentials for Glowing Skin

The season is changing and so is my skin! The beginning of summer and the beginning of fall are when I always begin to up my skincare game and make sure the effects of winter aren't lasting and the harshness of the sun doesn't ruin my skin. If you are big on healthy, glowing, and moisturized skin, you've landed in the right place. I'm sharing my top 6 skincare essentials for glowing skin (hydrated too)!

Rosehip Seed Oil
If you aren't hip to all of the benefits of rosehip seed oil, let me share with you why I am a convert and raving fan. It is packed with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that both tone and nourish your skin. It is great as a skin brightener and to fade scars or age spots. I put a tiny drop under my eyes at night and make sure my neck and hands get some love from the oil too (don't forget the cuticles). Radha Beauty Certified Organic Rosehip Oil can help with your skin's elasticity (important all the time but the cooler weather is brutal). I can't vouch for all rosehip seed oils but I can definitely cosign Radha Beauty. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts for months!

Vitamin C Serum
Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Serum has been a  game-changer in terms of changing the texture and brightness of my skin. This particular Vitamin C serum has 10% vitamin C, mushrooms, and plant-based squalane to address sun spots and dark spots. Couple this serum with their rosehip seed oil and it's a one-two punch! I am convinced these two skincare essentials are the reason my skin tone is much brighter. It's not perfect but people always compliment my skin.

I also use their moisturizer and glycolic renewal mask a couple of times per week. I highly, highly recommend them.


Skincare Essentials for glowing skin

Body Scrub
One of my favorite things about the Body Shop is their use of Community Fair Products (like using smaller farmers and artisans). Their products are incredibly amazing for all the care they put into them. Their body scrubs are at the top of my list when it comes to keeping my body hydrated and exfoliated. This amazing Coconut Body scrub is filled with exfoliating coconut husks and ground coconut shells in a super creamy base. Guess what's in the base? I'll tell you. Organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and super-conditioning coconut milk. I don't know what else to tell you. It smells like the tropics and feels so rich on your skin. (Disclaimer - my skin is not sensitive, so patch test any exfoliant first). I also use the Almond Milk and Honey scrub which is specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

I found the Tree Hut products a few months ago when I was scouring Ulta. I absolutely love them. They are sugar-based scrubs with added shea butter to help soften your skin. I'm a luxe-for-less kind of woman, and their scrubs fit the bill - they also don't aggravate my skin. Don't get me started on the Candied Lemon. It smells incredible and my skin is properly exfoliated and moisturized every time I use it. Coconut Lime is another divine scent.

Multi Balm
I admit I use this next product year-round, but if I am sharing skincare essentials for glowing skin, LanoLips must be included. It's my favorite lip care product-slash-treatment, which I am so happy to have stumbled upon. Each treatment is slightly different but LanoLips is rich, creamy, and filled with lanolin. Lanolin, a fatty substance found in sheep's wool, is supremely hydrating. This formula is 98-99% natural. I use it on dry skin patches, my cuticles, and of course my lips. This AMAZING stuff is child-friendly and vegetarian (don't ask me how, when it's lanolin). I use it religiously and love it. I've tried the Banana, Strawberry, and Coconutter so far. These "flavors" are oils or added essence to complement the formula. It's just a hint of scent. It's a bit pricey but given the natural fullness of my lips, I want them to be well taken care of, LOL.

Lotion + Butter + Oil
What I love most about Shea Moisture lotion is they aren't filled with mineral oils that coat the skin. Yuck! I need my moisturizers to heal and restore not clog and coat my skin. I can always count on Shea Moisture to deliver the goods.  No matter what your skin type or condition, there is a lotion or butter to give your skin what it needs. The formula I use depends on the time of the year because my skin changes. I've tried at least six of the formulas and have loved them all. No exaggeration.

The Daily Hydration lotion has coconut oil to help restore the skin's moisture barrier, and aloe vera to calm the skin. The Coconut and Hibiscus Illuminating lotion restore moisture, with a light and beautiful scent.  It is some good stuff. During winter months I'll sometimes mix a dropper of my Rosehip Seed Oil with some of this lotion and slather it on my feet at night. It works wonders.

I'm also a big, big fan of the Osea oil. I'm sure you've seen it on social media. That's what made me pay attention to it. I decided to try it since I like to add a nourishing type of oil to my skin while my skin is still dewy from the shower. No regrets. At all. It's a light oil with maximum payoff.

If you haven't tried the Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Cream, do it. I can't rave about it enough. I like this one for my nighttime, skin moisture regimen.

Baby Feet
I will not go into all the gory details of Baby Feet but if by some chance you haven't used it or a similar product, I highly suggest you change that now. The first time I tried Baby Feet - in essence, a mild chemical peel for the feet - I could not stand the sight of my feet. I kept them covered. But...when it was all said and done, I knew this would be something I'd do (strategically), a few times a year. The onset of summer and fall are two of those times.

Until you try Baby Feet, you have no idea how much dead and dry skin lives on your feet. You'll thank yourself when it is all over, but not until it's all over. I would not say your feet will be glowing but they will be softer and the texture will be better. That makes this a staple in my skincare essentials for glowing skin.

There you have it folks, my top six skincare essentials for glowing skin, with some bonuses thrown in the mix. I'm sure I will play around with a few other products because I like trying new things and adding to my self-care collection. These six are my fail-proof though. Easy like Sunday morning.


Skincare Essentials for Glowing Skin


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