Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish

I have found a new love and because I love spreading the love of course I am telling you all about it. For no other reason than I needed different shades of white, nude and pink did I find myself wondering around Ulta looking at other nail polish brands. I ran across Pacifica. I've always loved their products (the roll-on scents and lotions), especially for gift-giving. Immediately I was drawn in, first by the rich color selection (from iridescents to creams and everything in between). Second the brand is vegan - free of the 7 substances and some toxins normally found in traditional polishes! Add extra tally marks for Pacifica! At that point I was committed to giving the brand a try to see how it compared with a similar formaldehyde-free brand I regularly use. Without color swatching in the store, I grabbed the Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish. On the strength of its name and the pretty gold tones that enhanced the soft pink color, I was sold. 100% committed.

Let me be clear, this opinion is 100% my own. Now that we've gotten those pleasantries out of the way I can give you my unbiased opinion of the polish and the color. I love, love loooove the line. There are two very popular brands I have in abundance. One is about to be replaced with Pacifica. It's that serious. I found that I can easily get a week's worth of wear from two coats of Pacifica with a top coat. By comparison, one very popular brand lasts two days before chipping with the regular formula; three days before chipping with the gel formula. I love the colors of the other brand and they have more of them, but I'd much rather get back the time spent on doing my nails. Besides, Pacifica is not too far behind with their variety of colors. The Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish is a beauty. You will certainly fuel your addiction to all things blush tone with this color. It's a creme polish and a nude tone with a dose of metallic tossed in. My only complaint - and it's a small one - is I'd love to see the gold color have a bolder color profile. It would highlight the rose color better on the nails. It is a personal preference for full-on, respectably, glam nails. That might be a bit of an oxymoron! LOL.

The Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish glides on easily, smoothly and beautifully. Two coats are all that is required for both the cream and iridescent colors (I've added more to my collection). The drying time was not significant and as long as you use the base and top coat, the polish should look great for a week. Of course, if you are over-active with your hands that might be a different story. I'm on my laptop daily and I work out five days a week - I think that is average hand-on-surface activity. All-in-all the Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish is a winner. I immediately decided I needed to have on rings when I wore the color, add a bit more accent to my hands.

I'll share one of the bolder colors next. I am enjoying playing with colors that match my personality. If there is something in particular you'd like to see, share it in the comments and I'll see what I can do! Until next time....

Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish

Pacifica Rose Gold Nail Polish


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