Animal Print Outfit Ideas

Guess what friends? Time may have passed, but times have not changed. At least not when it comes to my love of most things animal print. Everything isn't the jam. Gawdy animal prints still exist. But for those of us who have a jones for a stylish animal print, whether it's tiger, leopard, zebra, cheetah, snake, or palm (just making sure you are really paying attention), have I got some goodies for YOU!


Ugg Luv'vers rejoice! What could make these shearling-lined, water-resistant, ultra-comfy, luxe slippers even better? Someone over at Team Uggs dreamed up a leopard-print colorway...that's what. Here's the thing; they are ultra-popular, of course, and sizes go fast. So if you love them, get yours quickly. Walk around your house, being as fierce as you want to be in your loungewear and UGGs.


I realize this is a post about animal prints but this gorgeous and classic obi, wrap belt comes in six colorways. The cedar, snake print color is amazing, but the cognac and the color Anthropologie calls "light red" are worth adding to your collection. Light red is more like rose gold. Anyway, this wide belt is a stylish, animal print to cinch your dress or add a feminine touch to an oversized blazer.


Without a doubt, it was love at first sight for these babies. I'd been trying to get a pair for at least a year, but every time they are released, they typically sell out in a matter of days. I got blessed this time!  They are worth the wait, and everything I thought they'd be. There are two versions, a pair with grey stripes and a pair with black stripes. Both are a great athleisure vibe.


I thought long and hard about adding another item from UGG, but it's just that good. First of all, most of us love a cozy card. Next, UGG is known for the fluffiness of their knits; they are ultra-cozy. Finally, this cardi a leopard print. What's not to like? I'm giving it bonus points because it's machine-washable. Like most cardigans, this one is versatile, you can dress it to fit your amazing style.


If you haven't picked up on it yet, animal print shoes are apparently all the rage. It's cool though because shoes are a great way to accessorize and a low-risk way to show a bit of your style personality. These plush Zina sneakers are certainly statement-makers with their multi-textured sleekness. They are eclectic. They are sporty. They are fab. They are an elevated, animal prints. Multiple styles are available.

Just in case these aren't enough, let me leave you with a few other animal print accessories to consider:

Nickel and Suede Snow Leopard Suede Earrings

West Elm Tortoise Glass Votive

I hope you've enjoyed this stroll down the animal print lane, and maybe found one or two things that you can use. Let me know if this has been helpful.

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