Faux fur vest

No matter what you have in mind: wild, chic, boho or full-fledged glam, one way to elevate a completely basic look is with the simple addition of a faux fur vest. It is a style statement with traction - faux fur vests just don't seem to go out of style.

While I am a fan of the knit vest with the faux fur front (versus the all over faux style), believe me when I say it is uber cozy! I love the versatility as well. From pairing with skinnies to layering over a fab dress in any assortment of colors and prints, there is much opportunity to create many style statements with this look.

With patchwork, ombre or lush colors like emerald, unless you want to stick with a neutral vest to maximize your styling options there are a plethora of fun looks to choose from.

Topshop has some rich colors in their selection. Steve Madden's shabby-chic faux fur vest is sure to elicit double-takes and the patchwork design by Bernardo is another killer look. Of course, there are also cute looks for the kiddos as well!

Faux fur vest
Faux fur vest
Fur Vest Back View
Faux fur vest (rear view - knit)
Fur Vest Profile
Faux fur vest (profile)
Fur Vests
Kids faux fur vest - H & M

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