Faux Leather Trim Blazer

One of my favorite essentials for fall, actually on my "must have" list, is a faux leather trim blazer. The faux leather trim blazer is so many looks all in one: polished, classy, edgy and chic. It is such an easy way to take a very basic look to another level.

Faux leather trim blazers are timeless, which is another reason they are an essential item for me. While the cut and construction may change a bit, the style has been around for years. I prefer a very tapered fit which gives my look a more sleek appearance.

There are so many options in a faux leather trim blazer, such as the trim along the collar and around the sleeves of the blazer. Another sculpted and chic look is the faux leather trim blazer by Blacque with the trim along the front panels. I love this blazer by Kensie, with a more slouchy structure and asymmetrical front lines. Another classic faux leather trim blazer worth taking a look at is the Lark & Ro. The trim runs down the lapels and along the welted pockets. The blazer effortlessly secures a polished finish to any style.

I opted for a complete black-out when I work my faux leather trim blazer. I also like to wear it with all white and all tan. So many fun ways to style the blazer actually.

Black Leather Trimmed Blazer II
Faux Leather Trim Blazer
Black Leather Trimmed Blazer
Faux Leather Trim Blazer




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