Just peachy

One way of mixing it up without really mixing it up is to keep your accessory colors the same while matching your tops and bottoms (whether the bottoms are pants or skirts). The uniform color gives the illusion of height or length to those of us who may be slightly vertically challenged.

I like to make the color of the accessories a bit bolder than my clothing when opting for this sort of look. It's difficult to find a wide range of sizes in these J. Brand jeans (while I love the feel and the way the jeans conform to my body I do not love the gaping at the waist). This color was in demand however I have found an equally nice pair by ASOS. Schutz consistently produces stunning heels, a similar style to the style shown in the picture can be found here. If you don't fancy those, Steven Madden has this incredible fringed pair of coral heels that are very well reviewed. Add a matching clutch and you're set.

I also like to try this sort of look with sky blue and cobalt blue as well as dusty rose and magenta. Maybe I will give mint green and a deeper shade of green a try. Shopping I must go!

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