Lace up shirt dress

I love, love, love the hint of sassiness coupled with edge you can achieve with a lace up shirt dress. Shirt dresses are timeless, always on trend. Add in the element of the lace up detail and you've got one of the season's hottest looks.

There are so many styles, some more modest than others, but I love the idea of an undone lace up shirt dress with a very tasteful and classy hint of the "unmentionables" peeking out. There are many designers that give a deep plunge shirt dress, with an illusion of a lace up but no actual ties. That's cheating to me. In theory I get it and I like the extra detail but it's not the same; I want control over the lace up.

I like the Romeo & Juliet Couture lace up shirt dress (I'd never tried the brand until recently). I really love the fact that dry cleaning is optional - you can hand wash this particular dress!! Anyway, there is a teal color that is so fly. Worth a look. I found a style similar to mine by Eighty Six, in black.

Lace up shirt dress, lace up heels, lace up handbags...I am really all about this look. Let's keep it stylish! xx

lace up shirt dress

lace up shirt dress

lace up shirt dress

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