Lace up details

The fun is in the details and I am loving all the gorgeousness found in the lace up details of corset tops. I'm not talking shapewear corsets or the kind us women wear to pull all of our abdomen and stomachs in real tight. I'm speaking of those beauties with the lace up details we gladly expose for others to swoon over.

I've found these types of tops, which are not easy buys, in fabrics like satin (very common) or tight bandage material. I say they are not easy buys because they can be difficult to find in terms of quality and aesthetic. I do believe 150% when you find one you like and you wear it, your confidence and demeanor changes. Personally it gave me such a boost in ego and made me walk even taller than I already do. How or why would one slouch when rocking such a bold look?!

I am such a sucker for anything with the lace up details right now. I hope I don't bore you all as I go overboard with my vivacious addiction to lace up. I also hope you give it a try. Happy styling lovelies! Xx

black corset lace up

black corset lace up

black corset lace up

Heels (Topshop)

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