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If you are anything like me the winter has not been kind nor gentle to your skin. During the winter months I like to use unrefined coconut oil to nourish dry skin. That does not work for me at all in warmer weather or when less of my skin is covered. I made the mistake one time. My skin burned so bad. I don't want to think of the damage that was done. Yes - us multi-racial or darker complexions burn also.

I love to try new butters, creams and lotions in the spring and summer. It's also the time I really begin to prepare and slough and nourish my dry skin much better than I do in colder months. I can be a bit lazy in the winter since I can hide my legs and arms. Very recently I had been using a product line I didn't love for several reasons. It was all the reason I needed to shop.

I wash and sanitize my hands a lot which leaves them feeling and looking dry. The dry oil and butter cream I use to start my day with did nothing to protect my hands. Thus began my search which led me to find my new addiction - Soap & Glory. Oh baby....this stuff is the ish!!! I'm about five products in and there is not one I have regretted. Let's start with the Sugar Crush Body Scrub (smells like key lime pie or something better). It leaves my skin feeling amazing, it rinses easily from my shower (I don't worry about falling and breaking my neck), my skin feels like silk and looks even better and the grit of the scrub is not irritating at all. LOVE IT!! I immediately follow it with the Smoothie Star Body Butter when I'm fresh out of the shower and my skin is just a bit damp to seal in the moisture. It's rich, but not greasy. I don't feel like I'm layered in oil and the body butter absorbs wonderfully. It has a mild fragrance (hardly noticeable) and leaves my skin so, so, so smooth. This is the body butter I use if I am going to wear perfume. If I am not, I slather on the Sugar Crush Body Cream instead which has a mild lime scent. Same benefits as the Smoothie Star Body Butter, both rich with coconut and almond oil; and both nourishing for dry skin.

In the evening after my showers, to keep my feet "high heel and sandal ready," I generously slather on Heel Genius Foot Mask. It helps to keep any dry, rough skin at bay. I wear heels all day every day which causes friction. The foot mask has fruit extracts which act like AHAs (or exfoliants) and it has macadamia seed oil and allantoin for smoothing properties. This foot mask is a must for me.

Soap and Glory truly does nourish dry skin ladies! xx

Soap and Glory nourish dry skin

Soap and Glory nourish dry skin

Soap and Glory nourish dry skin

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