Spring make-up

I've been shopping! Don't I love when the seasons change...sort of. On one hand it's my opportunity to freshen myself up and lose some old habits but on the other hand it means I'm about to spend some money because most of what I loved in the fall and winter does not work for the spring when it comes to make-up. Spring make-up is my perfect excuse to slightly revamp myself. It's also my excuse to lighten my hair and a bunch of other things I won't get into.

It sometimes takes me a few hit and misses to find the perfect spring make-up colors that are a great complement for me. I could care less what the make-up artist says at Stila, Nars, Urban Decay...wherever. I don't like to feel like any of my make up is distracting or heavy on my skin. I also seriously think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just don't think the make-up artists and I tend to see eye-to-eye when it comes to MY beauty. I have a small graveyard accumulated in my quest to find the perfect colors for my spring make-up collection. What I may have been convinced looked great in the store, or what I may have been on the fence about, just did not make the cut. My "give it to you straight, no chaser" girlfriends have been like "no ma'am, try again." I seriously wish there were a place for the make-up rejects.

At any rate, what remains in rotation is a small stash of some beautiful colors. What I call my shocking color (for me) is a bright pink gloss by Urban Decay, called Scandal. It has an immense amount of pigment and intense shine. It's not tacky/sticky and I've found it fairly long-lasting, particularly for someone like me, who is drinking water or something all day. The bonus is it does not dry my lips out at all (none of the brands I use do).

One of favorite daytime colors is by Nars, in their Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil line. The color is Frivolous, which I'd describe as a very soft, iridescent pink - it has a tiny bit of shimmer. The pencil itself goes on very smooth and depending on the level of intensity it may take a couple of strokes to get the color you'd like. It's what I like about it - total control over the color. My other daytime favorites are by Naked (Urban Decay). I am obsessed with both Lovechild and Beso. The colors are fantastic, the glosses are laced with vitamin E, and they feel soooo good on my lips. They make my lips look divine. Seriously.

For the past few weeks I've been wearing this gorgeous melon-colored nail polish, perfect for the season. It's by Zoya, the color is "Wendy." What I love about the brand is it's vegan friendly. None of the chemicals that tear down nails.

If you follow me on Instagram (@luxestyles) you will see all of these fun colors and shades - I'm not shy about shouting out what's going on with my looks. What have you found and what are you wearing? Share! xx

spring make-up Urban Decay

spring make-up

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