Patterned shirts

I never used to be a fan of patterned shirts. By never I mean I didn't really start paying attention to them and even considering them in my wardrobe until the last two or three years. There is one exception to this - paizley. I've been a huge fan of Prince and if Prince thought it was hot so did I. Back to current day. I can't pinpoint the catalyst but at some point I decided to enhance my wardrobe with patterned shirts.

I am now fully a believer of not ruling anything out until I've tried to style the look a few ways. Things I've said I would never wear, I love. Imagine that! It's still taking me some time to make certain styles (high waist jeans) work on me. Not the case with patterned shirts - I am all in.

With this type of shirt it doesn't take much to create a great look. I LOVE that about this shirt! In my opinion you don't want to overdo it. The shirt generally stands out on its own. With the addition of a complementary color for accessories, you're good to go.

This particular patterned shirt is a lightweight cotton and wrinkle free. It feels amazing and does not make me warm. I don't have to worry about my seat belt creasing the shirt or my jackets when I wear them. I also love how this shirt looks equally good with jeans for an effortless brunch or happy hour look.

Hope you all aren't as late to the party as I am. In case you are, I've linked these looks below and in my IG store. If you don't already, please keep up with me on my social media channels. Keep it fab loves. xx

patterned shirt

patterned shirt (3)

patterned shirt (4)

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