Slide Into Summer

If you want to keep your shoe game strong this summer there are a couple of styles you should definitely consider. Spring and summer 2017 is all about slide sandals and their big, refined cousin the mule slide. What is the difference you ask? Not much in my humble, slightly-informed opinion. LOL. Slide sandals are either flat or have a modest one-inch heel or less. Mules generally have a one-inch heel or higher. Whichever one you tickles your feather, you ought to grab a pair or two and "slide into summer" with this trend (see what I did there)! Now that those details are out of the way, let's get to the best parts!

Mules have been on trend for at least the last two years. They are becoming more vibrant, bold and creative in design. I seriously love the slip-on-and-go style. The look is a combination of relaxed, sophisticated, and depending on the shoe - sexy. I've been fortunate to find a couple of pairs that don't have my feet begging for mercy after a few hours. Major key in the pursuit of the season's cutest slides.

I've been blessed with much but height wasn't one of those gifts. So there are many flat shoes I do not love. Slide sandals do not fall into that category however. They are just too much fun and too complementary to multiple outfits. Pants of most types? Check. Denim shorts? Check. Skirts and dresses? Check and check again. Girl, once you've zeroed in on a few styles you like, you will be good to go. I love a shoe that gives me some good wardrobe mileage.

I'm sharing some of my favorite styles to "slide into summer," below. It is so hard to zero in on one pair. It is so easy to breathe new life into your shoe game with each and every one of them. Click through the slideshow to see the Top 12 Slides for the season. I hope you love them too. Feel free to tell me which is your favorite in the comments. As always, thank you for hanging with me! xx -C

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