Tailored Coral Pants

I've always marched to the beat of my own drum and in terms of style or "rules," this season has been no different. When I left the office the other day headed to the gym, one of my colleagues commented on how bright my gym clothes were. Fuschia, lime green and neon orange were my colors of choice then. Sounds like a crazy combination but it worked, trust me. Leaving the gym as I was walking to my car, I received another comment about my "lovely Spring colors." This was followed up with some conversation on the young lady's desire for Spring and all that comes with it. I am firmly ignoring what the date on the calendar says (though Spring officially begins March 20 - I'm not that far off). I'm sticking with all things that contribute to my bright, positive and energetic feelings. So naturally I was over the moon and 'had to have' these tailored, coral pants the moment I saw them. It's not so much the style of pant or the fit - neither are high or my list. I was immediately sold on the allure of the coral color.

In this case I could not resist being super bright, and in-your-face when I put this look together with these tailored, coral pants. I would be a bit more subtle when I wear them to work. I could see a cute printed shirt that compliments this coral color or a solid neutral top. But on the weekends...well you see what I could get up to, LOL. The sky is the limit! Why not make it fun?

I've found a couple of closely matched options if you'd like to look at those. The differences are in the cut and the material. You'll find them below.

Life your lives in color babes!

tailored coral pants

tailored coral pants

Tailored Coral Pants:

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