Tank dresses give me life

...so maybe not literally, but tank dresses do give me life in every bit of the fashion and style sense.  I cannot think of an easier, more versatile option than tank dresses, at least in the spring and summer.

Let me tell you why and how some of my pretty little cotton tank dresses give me life on any given day. I have started a Saturday afternoon in one of my favorite dresses, in one of my many favorite colors (3 "favorite" colors and counting). Usually with some fun sandals or even fashion sneakers and understated accessories. Think Gorjana's delicate yet stunning multi-strand necklace. I will often have a button up shirt in denim or something else drape-y to accompany the look. Could be around my waist or I might wear the accompanying shirt, just depends on the season or whether or not the temperature is set to arctic at the establishments I'm gracing.

I travel prepared though - this is where I fully get my life in my tank dresses. In the event I don't have the opportunity to make it home before I have to meet a friend for a quick appetizer and drink at 6pm and I want to be a little more fab, I dig into my bag of goodies. In 10 minutes I go from casual cool in my tank dress to a bit more Jessica Rabbit with the addition of a pair of high heels, a statement necklace and a clutch. Of course I might swap out my lippy as well. Versatile!

These little dresses make me happy. I could care less about my little body imperfections; I'm all about comfort and ease. These are easy ladies. Get your life! *wink* Check out this rich purple tank dress by Leith and this lovely, grey ruched body-con Leith tank dress. Great brand that is very easy to care for and well-reviewed.

Tank dresses Tank dressesTank dresses

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