Weekend Basics

Do you have that "go-to" look that is easy and comfortable, yet somewhat cute and stylish that you can fall back on for those casual weekends? What I like to call "weekend basics" pieces... During those hot summer days, my weekend basics are very simple; I've got key looks I rely on depending on how menacing the heat is.

Fall has started to become equally fun for me in terms of creating casual styles. While my mood (not necessarily the occasion) dictates my color choices I do not believe you can go wrong with ankle booties, a great pair of jeans and in this case, one of my favorite lightweight bomber jackets. I keep buying black ankle boots (and boots) in general, but I love the Paul Green brand. They are worth the investment. I can run around in them all day and my toes and ankles do not hate me at the end of it all. They have a platform (plus in my book), but it's not obvious. Try them - I believe you will thank me.

I kept it easy on the accessories, opting for Argento Vivo lace earrings and a couple of neutral bracelets. I usually wear a bold lip color when my weekend basics are this neutral so I don't look so washed out. This was one off those times it just did not happen for me. I feel very Tom Cruise, Top Gun in this look but whatever. Rock what you like is my motto.

Another staple in my weekend basics is a fringed, silk scarf which I would add to this look in the evening, with a change of lip color.

Argento Vivo Earrings
Argento Vivo Lace Earrings
Paul Green Ankle Booties
Paul Green Ankle Booties

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