White Look

Wearing an all white look can be a tricky proposition - it is very easy to make it look too sterile if the right pieces or layers are not combined well. Instead of a minimalist chic vibe you could easily look like you are in uniform (not that there is anything wrong with that if it's a look you are aiming for).

I believe the old "never wear white after Labor Day" rule is of the past, and if it isn't - who cares? I'm a firm believer in creating my own rules and wearing what makes me feel good and an all white look is several things: high impact, bold, visually stunning and a great blank slate.

White looks are easily neutralized by adding a splash of color. It sounds like an oxymoron but a beautiful shade of blue, purple, pink or a nice neutral does tone the starkness of an all white look.

I opted for some classic black and silver L.A.M.B heels with my look; I did not want to distract from the boldness of the white of the leather jacket or my AG legging jeans. The jeans happen to be a favorite because they accentuate and hug my curves versus smother and smash my rear. I only point that out because I struggle finding jeans that don't flatten and distort my tush. If I can help out a fellow curvy girl - I'm here for it.  A couple of options for leather jackets are here and here. Have a fun time creating a fab look with your blank slate!

White Look White Look White Look

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