Women in Menswear

Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs this mutha…? Wearing a knowing smile and a ton of confidence, of course! Especially women in menswear. There is just something so sublime about throwing this ridiculous fashion, and gender norm out of the window and self-assuredly holding fashion court in a style that is ripe for a twist.

Style icons like Cate Blanchett (she puts in major work!), Janelle Monae, and Victoria Beckham have rocked the ”women in menswear” style statement with poise and ease. These are just a few of the ladies who effortlessly own this look. Just Google "women in men's suits" and prepare to get in your feelings. There are definitely some commonalities that help all these beauties make their looks so inspired and worth customizing to your own liking:

    • If hats are your vibe, you can soften up the look with a fedora
    • Add a touch of femininity to menswear by sticking to floral-inspired styles like this two-piece suit or try a pastel-colored number. Pink, yellow, and light blue men’s suits are extremely common. Gray is always classic and on-trend. Be sure to have the pants and jackets tailored to fit your body and height so you feel comfortable in the suit. This leads me to the next theme…
    • Two words – slim fit. The slim fit cut is perfectly suited (pun intended) for the ladies. Well-tailored and ankle-length pants contrast well with a sleek pair of slingbacks or a cool pair of mules. It’s a beautiful, #girlboss silhouette. Slim fit is the new power suit for ladies.
    • Add some sparkle or glitter underneath the jacket if you are going to a special event or for the holidays. A pretty camisole with lace detailing is another way to add some contrast against a traditional men’s cut jacket.
    • Rock a pussy bow blouse under a tailored suit, for a polished spin on women in menswear. This looks particularly stylish with a single-button blazer.Let’s bottom line it; wear what suits you *wink*. I am a biased evangelist for women in menswear. It’s tailored for us.

I'll stop with the puns however I am serious about the tailoring. It's difficult to buy menswear for us off-the-rack but it is still worth it. OK, now I am finished and I'm done.

women in menswear
women in menswear


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