Wrapped up

Is there any article of clothing more timeless, sophisticated or iconic than a wrap dress? I am having a hard time coming up with one piece. This trend has some significant longevity, having remained on-trend and in demand since it's inception in the 1930s. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all that a wrap dress embodies, from a minimalist professional look to curve-hugging sensuality, and all points in between.

A clinging and sophisticated dress with a utilitarian purpose is originally what Charles James had in mind when he conceived the wrap dress. It was referred to as a "taxi dress," one a woman could ease into and out of in the back of a cab. How kind that life should be so easy for us! Yes, that is sarcasm my friend. Regardless, this beauty has legs and longevity; this wardrobe staple will remain relevant and stand the test of time!

In the 70's the wrap dress got a stylish makeover thanks to none other than fashion maven Diane von Furstenberg. Once she added her imprint to the wrap dress, it earned a new place in the fashion hall of fame. Wrap dresses became synonymous with cosmopolitan sex appeal. In the words of Diana, her dresses are "practical, pretty and sexy." The wrap dress is a "dress you get the men with but he doesn't mind taking you to his mother."

This quintessential dress gets points for a number of reasons. It is figure-flattering and slims the silhouette while subtly kissing the curves on a woman's body. It works for all women, whether thin or thick framed, short or tall, casual or chic. This iconic piece is truly versatile and even confidence-boosting. Wear one and get wrapped up in the gorgeous silhouette you create in the dress.

This is a dress you can have some fun with. If you want to keep the look towards a more conservative appearance, it is quite simple to do with a midi hemline and a more modest neckline. Solid colors, prints and fabrics provide several options to create your own personal style. If prints are your thing, go with bigger prints for fuller figures and smaller prints for smaller frames.

The wrap dress is a must for every age range and every wardrobe. If you do not have one, get one or a few in your life. I've shared some great ones below. Thank me later! LOL

wrap dress, wrapped up, how to style a wrap dress, wrap dress styles

wrap dress, wrapped up, how to style a wrap dress, wrap dress styles


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