80s Fashion Vibes

When I think 80s fashion the first thing that comes to mind is acid-wash jeans and harem pants - hammer time! I don't care how many times those styles are re-imagined I just cannot see myself sporting them in this century. At all. But there are some 80s fashions I am more than happy to embrace whether they are on trend or not. My denim jacket (collar down) paired with the lace fishnet tights give me major, 80s fashion vibes. The moment I was fully dressed and looked in the mirror, began humming Madonna's "Into the Groove."

Denim on denim, denim and lace, and distressed denim were all the rage in 80s fashion. Today they are some of my favorite and most worn styles. In fact, I have more distressed denim than any other kind. It is safe to say I am all the way down with these re-booted, 80s fashion vibes with a bit edginess. I don't mind subscribing to the 'more is more' school of thought, so a touch of glam with a crystal bib necklace is the perfect accent. This layered look with the denim jacket is also great for transitional weather. Slide it off and rock the slightly oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater for major Flashdance energy.

What is one of your favorite trends from the 80s that you like wearing now?

80s fashion vibes

80s fashion vibes

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