Five Trends for Spring 2017

Before you know it Spring will be knocking on our collective doors. While "hashtag sweater weather" has been somewhat kind, it is hard to believe there will be many complaints about ushering in Spring. With the change of season we can expect to see some fun trends on the fashion horizon. Some are great - others are debatable. There are five trends for Spring 2017 that will undoubtedly make an appearance on every fashion 'must-have' list, influencers' Insta feed and all the style watch pages.


Corsets are back in a big way, like them or not. The look is a re-mix of Madonna's Blonde Ambition days in the 90s. Just be prepared to see them on the bold and confidently dressed - and worn on the outside of clothes. Today's corsets are styled with oversized button-up tops, cinched over large tees or with a shirt dress. More commercial retailers like ASOS, Shopbop and Nasty Gal are carrying them so expect to see lots of 'corset street style' in the spring and beyond.

Wide-Leg Pants

With the abundance of prints, colors, fabrics and textures the options are all over the place when it comes to this fashion trend that will surely have legs this Spring. The key to successfully rocking the look is to adapt a relaxed fit through the hip to create a clean silhouette, top-to-bottom. The pants should not cling to the hips nor should they be too boxy - comfort is the goal. You may have to get them tailored to ensure the right cut and fit. It is worth the small investment since this trend tends to repeat itself every few years.

Exposed Shoulder Tops

Prepare to show off all the hard work you've done in barre, pilates or in the gym. Exposed shoulders are still very much on-trend, leaping from 2016 into this new year. The style is effortless and flatters every body type. From casual tees and sweatshirts to "brunch so hard" styles, expect to find a look and vibe for just about every occasion. More brands are showing the 'one-exposed-shoulder' Flashdance style along with cut-out shoulders and the off-the-shoulder neckline. Plenty of head-turners are on the horizon for Spring. It will be difficult not to overconsume.

Deconstructed Tops

Deconstructed tops are not for everyone but they can definitely be fun. They are certainly an inspired look and more so than any other trend on this list have a shorter expiration date. A classic shirt finds its edginess. Think exaggerated asymmetrical hemlines or necklines, missing sleeves and cuts or tears that are just so throughout the shirt. You now have the beginning of deconstructed perfection. Brands add excessive ribbon to the sleeves or ruffles down the front of the top to perfect the look. It is artistic, it can be colorful and you can count on it being fashion-forward.

Statement-Making Slogans

Without uttering a word we are given more options to share our passions, our sense of humor, our affiliations and interests on our chests. There is an inspired slogan tee for almost any occasion. If you can't find it, you can have it made of course. Statement-making slogans are making a huge resurgence thanks to street style stars and their heavy influence on fashion. Slogan tees invaded the runways from New York to Paris; it was inevitable the trend would translate into commercial brands leveraging the trend.

2017 looks to be bigger and bolder than the last year and the year is just getting started! Expect these five trends for Spring 2017 to be just the beginning. There will be more hot trends that pop up and I will be all over them.

Thanks for hanging loves!

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