Accents with checked pants

If I didn't say it before, I will say it now, I'm a fiend for this Marble Ra bib necklace from Bauble Bar. Each stone on the bib necklace has it's own unique color and pattern, which made me think about other patterns it might be fun to style the necklace with.

My ivory, grid-patterned (or check) trousers won. They are slim fit with a narrow ankle and look great with a form-fitting knit top or sweater. Images of Audrey Hepburn were conjured in my mind (without the shoes and necklace of course). I am consistent about adding an impact to my look and style. Not only did I accomplish that with the bib necklace but also with the addition of complementary color heels.

Because of the details and vibrancy of the bib necklace and the heels, I opted not to add any other accessories and to keep my knit top dark. It's a striking balance and fun to play with. Coral would be another great styling option for accessories, as would emerald green. What colors might you pair with this otherwise uniform look? Happy styling fashionistas.

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