Adidas Casual Shoe

With every fiber of my being I love my heels. There are few occasions you will not find me strutting around in on my "favorite" pair. They are all my favorite by the way. But outside of the gym there is a teeny, tiny percentage of my time I have to give the knees a rest and work it out in some comfortable shoes. I have found some I am in love with. The best Adidas casual shoes are any in their "3 stripe style," like the UltraBoost or NMDs. The particular shoes I am rocking have the Continental rubber outsoles for amazing grip and flex. Right on time for a bit of an equilibrium-challenged girl like me. I do want to emphasize - Continental, as in the rubber for tires. It makes the shoe all the more worth the investment. The rubber creates a pretty cool aesthetic for the soles of the shoes.

Two more details that contribute in making this the best Adidas casual shoe are the cushioning and the knit upper wrap (instead of a tongue). I don't know that I can properly describe how incredible the cushion feels. It is like soft, molded perfection for your feet. The design is supportive. It almost makes me want to give up heels, almost. The knit wrap is not too snug and a much more thoughtful approach than the tongue on regular sneakers. It is a very clean, aesthetic. I love it!

Our weather has cleared up tremendously so I can enjoy my casual shoes without fear of slushy snow. Just a warm, cable knit sweater and my absolute favorite scarf and I am good to go. What are your go-to shoes for comfort and style when you need to take a day off of the high heels?

Enjoy the week loves!

Best Adidas Casual Shoe

Best Adidas Casual Shoe

Best Adidas Casual Shoe

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