Stylish Faux Fur Collar

Let me tell you what I learned very quickly when we were hit with our first snow and cold front around these parts. This winter weather could care less about not even one of my feelings. It gives no indication it will be anything like the previous two winters. Those were uncharacteristically mild with barely a hint of snow. Not like Midwestern winters at all. With this first wave, I was rudely slapped in the face with very low, single digit temperatures and snow that has decided it will stick around. Lest I sound like I am complaining let me be straight. I am originally from the Heartland...Nebraska. I can take it brutally cold, with heavy snow. So this is peanuts. I just wasn't ready. I also wasn't ready to compromise my "fabulosity." My mother used to tell me for years I would be cold, cute and dead! LOL. Thankfully I've gotten it together, somewhat. I have figured out little ways to keep it stylish in unpredictable and crazy, cold weather. Cue my stylish faux fur collar, wool coat.

This is one of those "you had me at hello" purchases. I knew we were meant for each other at first sight. I've owned a fur coat but it was not practical and I felt over-the-top in it. It was definitely an occasion coat. It wasn't me. I didn't buy it, my mother gave it to me. I have no idea what I even did with it. But when I put on this stylish faux fur collar coat, I feel like I can conquer even this crisp and challenging weather. Daily. It looks just as good with my casual chic wear, up in my local coffee bar, as it does in any other venue. It's so comfortable and it is going to last me for years. I highly recommend OK?!

By the way, transitioning my shoes was a production. Bummer but it is a fact of the season. It helps that I love (extra emphasis) these pointed-toe ankle boots. Love them! They have a small heel. If you are even remotely interested, get them while they are still available. I have tried the over-the-knee boots. Three years ago and just as recently as a couple of days ago. I'm not sold yet. Actually, the pair I owned, which were beautiful, I recently put on Poshmark after wearing them only a couple of times. They ended up being a steal for someone else. But I digress. I'm 5'4" and the very proud owner of my slight curves / hips. I just don't think the OTK boots flatter my body. Maybe I need to try them with skirts and dresses instead of jeans. For the time being, I will stick with ankle boots or a similar style.

Are you loving the faux fur trend? How are you keeping stylish if you've been hit by the brutal cold? Share your tips with me!


stylish faux fur collar

stylish faux fur collar

stylish faux fur collar


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