Aquazurra Love

I did it! After lusting over this pair of heels for far too long, I finally said 'just do it!' I love, love, LOVE a beautiful nude heel. In my opinion, the way to make a nude heel even more fabulous is if it is 3" or higher. Add some sex appeal with subtle, strappy details and cut-out designs and color me sold! Sold on full-on 'Aquazurra love!'

The moment the temperature was agreeable enough and I was certain there would not be a hint of rain, I pulled out my new favorite heels - for the upcoming season anyway (literal chuckle out loud). I know what you might be thinking. Yes - I am jumping the gun. I always do. As long as there is no rain or snow and the temperature is at least 40 degrees or higher, bare legs and open toes are OK for me. But back to these killer heels!

There is nothing I will not try to pair with these babies. I've been working hard (since last summer), to focus on building up my legs so they don't look like wet noodles in heels like these Aquazurra's. I used to be extremely insecure and would never really accentuate my legs. Now I own them (good or bad) and these heels definitely make things look better than they really are!

While I love this casual vibe created with my 'Aquazurra loves' be on the lookout for some much more glam looks in the near future. I don't see myself getting tired of these any time soon. *wink*

Aquazzura Sexy thing, aquazurra love

Aquazzura Sexy thing, aquazurra love

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