Be My Galentine

I cannot imagine, nor do I want to know, life without my 'sisters by choice.' My gals! That small, intimate circle of friends who share each other's' joy and feel each other's pain. There are a couple who may know me better than I know myself - or at least know me well enough to help me check myself! Jennifer Lopez said it best, "Oh my God, my girlfriends are everything to me. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they hold you when you need to be held. They laugh with you. They're mean with you! They're always there, and it's just a priceless thing to have."

I do not need a special occasion to celebrate with my girls. Job promotion? Check - let's toast to that. Finally completed a chapter in the project you've been writing for several intense months? Marvelous - we have to celebrate. Basketball season is over for the kiddo and there is now a small window of adult time? Let's go treat ourselves! My 'team' loves a good celebration! LOL. What a perfect way to show my ride-or-die girls how much they mean to me (and to each other) and celebrate sisterhood. I also think it's kind of amusing to ask one another to "be my galentine."

There are no official rules to the Galentine's Day celebration. Most ladies celebrate it on February 13 - which falls on a Monday this year. It may not be practical but what a way to brighten up a Monday. A Sunday brunch sure does sound like an excellent plan! I love the idea of oversized, confetti-filled balloons, strawberry mimosas and brunch-style, finger-foods galore. Of course there has to be little gifts to exchange with one another using some name drawing generator.

Asking your besties to be your Galentine to celebrate all they have been to you - and you to them - is a small way to say thank you. Time and love!

Thanks for hanging with me!

Gift ideas - click each pix for info:

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