Make a Statement With Your Sleeves

It used to be all about the shoes. All it took was a stellar pair of shoes to create a great look. Easing into a pair of shoes could elevate an outfit from casual status to "look at me now!" There is a new statement-maker on the scene and by all accounts, this trend is only picking up steam. One of the more stylish ways to show some fashion personality is to make a statement with your sleeves. The sleeves do all the talking with this design, some of which are a complete re-boot from the 70s. No matter, I'm here for it!

Where do we begin? There are so many ways to 'make a statement' with this look. Ruffle sleeves. Though there were traces of ruffle sleeves during my high school years, there was not a dollar amount you could pay me to get me to wear not one blouse that had them. Ruffle sleeves, or some variation of them, have been around forever. Almost literally, forever. Since the 16th century anyway when Europeans were prominently pictured wearing some form of the style. I seriously considered owning a ruffle sleeve top after seeing a photo of a high-profile celebrity wearing a floral-printed, ruffle sleeve dress a couple of years ago. It was very chic and not too trendy.

Bell sleeves are another fun way to showcase your personality and make a statement with one piece of clothing. With the cascading and flared sleeves leading into dramatic cuffs, these tops have the ability to help create some great outfit inspiration. Bell sleeves lend themselves to an absolutely gorgeous silhouette. They have so much attitude! From a tailored, minimal flare to a bold and epic flare, the trends are plentiful.

An easy way to make a high-drama statement with your sleeves is with the addition of a tie sleeve top. They are all the rage right now and with good reason. The tie sleeve tops are extremely versatile; from a bustier silhouette for girl's night out to chic detailing for the office. It's all in the details with this look. The ties, found anywhere from the shoulders to the wrists (and in between) revamp your style game.

There are other options just as dope as the ruffle, bell sleeve and tie sleeve tops. Exposed and cut-out shoulders will definitely be making a return. The same is true for sleeves embellished with some sort of gem. All of these statement-makers create flattering looks.

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