Black and Blue Denim

What is there NOT to love about a denim jacket? I am positive I say this about quite a few things but seriously, a quality denim jacket is a must-have for everyone (not too trendy so you can get years of mileage out of it). One of the things I love about a great denim jacket is mixing washes, like with black and blue denim. But that's just a tiny tip of the iceberg with denim jackets. Let me give you other examples then we will come back full circle *wink.*

Besides being lightweight yet providing some coverage (without burying a look) - a great denim jacket is actually a great accent piece. In the same way it accented my black and blue denim look, the jacket was a great way to break a monotone look. I am hard-pressed to think of many other jackets that can run the gamut from, tomboy, boho, chic to classic. Maaaayyybe a bomber jacket runs close second. Only if it's the right material will you get as many styling options.

Denim jackets look as good with cargo pants and Converse as they do with sequin or pencil skirts and high heels.

Back to my black and blue denim - the rule I stick to when mixing washes is to always go extreme with my colors. In other words I like going polar opposite with dark and light denims when mixing. No matching for me.

I like this black and blue denim look a lot; it's effortless and on trend. What are some of your favorite denim on denim looks, or favorite ways to wear your denim jackets?

Black and blue denim

black and blue denim

black and blue denim

Find a similar soft cotton tee here (Ann Taylor cotton scoop neck). Black distressed jeans by AG Denim and great jean jacket by Kut from the Kloth.

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