Black on Black

As the saying goes, when all else fails wear black. Or you can wear another monochromatic look that suits your fancy but I black on black is a vibe I can always feel comfortable with. Sometimes it is edgy, sometimes it is chic and sometimes it casual - it is what I love about black on black. The go-to color is a flexible styling option.

I used to be one of those people who wore entirely too much black, with zero shame. I still buy a lot of pieces in the color but it's no longer my "go-to." Yet, that does not mean I don't jones for a more contemporary, Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation look every now and then!! So when I found these completely amazing Sam Edelman ankle boots, the inspiration came over me, like "voila!" My Gap Moto Pants  had been calling me, insisting I wear them very soon. I had to give in to the inspiration. Because I am nuts about bomber jackets right now and I'm buying them like a mad woman I had the perfect Jacquard bomber jacket to complete my black on black look.

Gap Moto Ponte Pant
Jacquard Bomber Jacket
Sam Edelman 'Bradley' Ankle Boot
Black on Black


Are you all wearing too much black? What's the favorite color in your palette?

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