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Where do I begin? I am not a person who loves flats or casual all. I am clumsy in them and don't believe they flatter me in any way. There are few occasions you will find me not in the highest of heels; when I'm wearing my barre socks to work out, my trainers at the gym, when I'm bathing or sleeping and when I fall back into my old classics - my Adidas!

I won't count the number of years or number of Adidas I have rocked since Run DMC made me believe they were the best outdoor, casual shoes a girl could own but I love how Adidas has continued to produce a fine and fashionable pair of kicks I can get myself into.

These Orions are close to the shell-toe (Superstar) throwbacks I used to love so much. They are so comfortable. They are cushioned with an Ortholite padding that feels divine. I can go without socks (and I do), and the shoe doesn't chafe or bother me at all. I love the fun and whimsy of the colors. Of course you can find the classic and traditional colors (especially with the Adidas Samoas and the Adidas Superstars). If I recall correctly I actually bought my shoes in the kids section. I love doing that, shopping in the men's section (smallest size) and kid's section, largest size for shoes and jackets. Do any of you shop for clothes and accessories like that also?

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