Blue strapless dress

Two things I love about this dress - the color and the fact that it is strapless. If you have been following me for any length of time you know by now I have a jones for this bold, cobalt blue color - the Pantone official name is "snorkel blue." What an amazing and flattering color. Couple it with a strapless dress and BAM! Color me happy. This blue, strapless dress is easily one of my favorites. It does not take much to have maximum impact.

But...I still pay attention to the extra details, whether it is the cinching of the waist, an asymmetric cut of the neck or hemline or even the fabric. This blue strapless dress does not disappoint on any count. It almost reminds me of gift paper that has been folded and re-folded. It has an amazing texture.

It's quite memorable in color and style so I will only get to wear it to a cocktail party and perhaps one evening wedding before I have to put it away for the season. It was one of those dresses I just could not pass up. I'm sure you have a couple of those in your closets *wink* I'll share alternates below since this particular Adam Lippes is no longer available (but he does have other incredible versions). Xx

blue strapless dress 3

 blue strapless dress 2

blue strapless dress


Alternatives: Mystic Strapless | Adelyn Rae Strapless


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