How to wear a bodycon

In some form or another bodycon dresses will always be a wardrobe staple for more women than not. I love the bold colors, soft colors, patterns, full-sleeve, sleeveless options - all of it. Perhaps by now the masses have worn them enough to know all the tips and tricks to looking flawless in a bodycon, but it never hurts to provide some reminders on how to wear a bodycon dress for a sleek silhouette.

One of the most important tricks I've picked up is the investment in a piece of great shapewear. Though it feels miserable! In my mind it seemed like it would be counter-intuitive and I was sure that the amazing stretch fabric of a bodycon would hold my buns, etc accountable to a tighter look. Nope! I didn't have shapewear on hand the first time I wore a bodycon dress but I've now got a piece of shapewear to smooth things out. It's a serious love hate relationship though. I openly admit it.

Here's another "well duh" tip in how to wear a bodycon dress - keep the visible pant lines away. Let me just say this; I had a girlfriend pull me aside and scold me about wearing a bodycon dress with panty lines showing. I didn't even think about it until she scolded me, then chuckled at me!! That's what friends are for.

If you are wearing a bodycon dress with a bit of cleavage showing or perhaps it is a strapless dress, make sure you check the length of the dress. It should not be too revealing or too short. Go with one or the other.

When I know I am going to wear a bodycon dress, I try to prepare my body at least a week in advance. My salt intake goes way down and my water intake increases. I try to minimize my bloat and get my tummy as flat as I can to help the shapewear with smoothing things out.

Finally, an often overlooked tip in how to wear a bodycon dress is to do it with confidence. There is no reason to shrink behind the dress if we choose to wear it. Heads high and own it. I am sure to give many compliments when I see ladies in a bodycon dress behaving any way other than confident.

What about you - any other tips or tricks you've picked up? Share in the comments. xo

how to wear  bodycon - french connection

how to wear a bodycon - french connection

how to wear a bodycon - French Connection bodycon

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