Bronze Metallic Blazer

There are very few things that I enjoy about this time of year. The weather just deters my normal sense of spontaneity. I typically dread going out for social reasons. This is the time of the year when my cooking game gets even better and I binge like a maniac on Netflix. When I say my motivation to leave the house gets zapped, I am not playing around. I am like a child, you've got to dangle a reward as an outcome in order for me to get dressed and get out. But, when I do decide it's worth braving the weather...I love to accentuate my style with blazers. My bronze metallic blazer is one of my faaa-vo-rites *insert sing-song voice*. Black people do lose a bit of their melanin and delicious color from the summer (yes it's true). One of the reasons I love my bronze metallic blazer is it adds some warmth to my skin tone. It gives my skin the illusion of a better color - an enhancement - if you will.

Blazers in general are one of my go-to staples in the fall and winter. For most of November, we have been blessed with unseasonably warm days. I am talking 70 degrees. Color me a very happy human. These have been the perfect days to rock my go-to look for the season. I am a fan of embellished blazers of all types as long as they aren't too trendy. With more business casual work environments, embellished styles including my bronze metallic blazer, are easy ways to fit into the culture yet incorporate your own style statement. These blazers aren't so buttoned-up that when you wear them you look too polished. This is a different vibe.

If you want to tone a metallic blazer down, wear a white or cream tee underneath as well as loafers or ankle boots. It is fairly easy blazer to dress up or dress down.

This bronze metallic blazer is my style baby. I've had it a few years. But - I've got you covered. House of Harlow makes a gorgeous, single-button version. You can check it (and a few other options) out below.

bronze metallic blazer

bronze metallic blazer

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