Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

Apparently I just can't stop. I live on my laptop, an admitted online shop-a-holic. My weakness will be your gift. LOL. No thanks are necessary. I've spent more hours than I want to admit trying to find the best ideas and some great deals for "him" (always hard and I fall short) and "her." As hard as it is, I try not to pick things I'd like for myself, otherwise I end up not giving the gifts as I intended. I have done this toooooo many times to count. Who else is guilty? Then it's back to the web or wherever to get another gift to replace what you've kept for yourself! Anyway, enough about my faults, hopefully my holiday gift ideas for 2017 are not full of items that are on your own list! *wink* This is intended to save you time, not add to it!


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My personal favorites are the Kendra Scott bracelets - I've loved them for a long time, she does no wrong in my eyes. They are on my list of things to by myself this holiday. Yes, I have one. I'm also a big fan of the J.O.A. grey sweater. I love the versatility. Jeans are like trousers to me, so I would definitely rock it with jeans. But I also envision it with pleated skirts, mini skirts, maybe even my track pants. I can get a lot of traction from that sweater.

I like to buy colognes or essential oils for the "hims" in my guy, my brother-in-law, etc. Scent is very personal though so I always caution and I'm hesitant to recommend it unless they've requested something particular or you really (with emphasis) know what notes and tones they are drawn to.  You can get lost down a hole shopping around Etsy, but it's an excellent place to get one-of-a-kind or unique gifts for the guys in your life. Whether it's sports or recreation, you are likely to find many surprises.

Happy holidays to you and I hope you were able to get some inspiration or find just what you were looking for in these holiday gift ideas.

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