Bruce Lee DJ Vintage Tee

I will admit, I happened by this Bruce Lee DJ Vintage Tee purely by accident. I love vintage tees and have been looking for classic Material Girl (Madonna), Rolling Stones and the one I covet the most Prince, circa Little Red Corvette days, tees for at least two years. At one of my favorite shops for unique apparel I first spotted the Bruce Lee DJ Vintage Tee. It was love at first sight. I loved the details, I have mad respect for his art and it's a fun shirt. Two problems, it was sludgy brown color and it had a men's neckline. I knew there was hope though.

The tee was on my radar for about a month. I really wanted to find it in white (I was being so short-sighted). After various Google searches and reviews - BAM - I found it in the most vivacious color and in women's styles. Double score! I realized I had purchased myself some pretty amazing (if I must say so) cut-out, open-toe heels from Topshop in an equally vibrant color. This is where I pulled out my Kanye (level 10) of just making it work. In the same way he forces words that have no business to rhyme, I made these shades of red work it out. As soon as I saw the shirt, three style options went through my head. I'm sure more will come, but the red heels - not negotiable.

Rebecca Minkoff makes a pretty fab, white tuxedo blazer that may be dressed up or down. Johnston and Murphy also has a version that happens to be on sale. I love the contrast of the blazer with dark denim.

I hope you've enjoyed my madness.

Bruce Lee Vintage DJ Tee II Bruce Lee Vintage DJ Tee Topshop Heels Bruce Lee Vintage DJ Tee

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