Short sleeve sweatshirt

I don't believe short sleeve sweatshirts get the love and props they are due. In fact, in my opinion a short sleeve sweatshirt is a perfect balance for those in-between temps (not too hot, not really cold) and it is easily layered to create a look which goes beyond casual. Short sleeve sweatshirts are worth a try. I love creating a more "street chic" look when I wear one.

Sincerely Jules has some great options in 100% cotton. The colors range from a pretty, neutral taupe to my favorite sweatshirt by her, navy blue.

My Schutz heels are sold out but I've found an equally fantastic pair by Joie. Joie has not failed yet in putting out a high-quality shoe that is also stunning!

The baubles from J Crew never last long but they always have necklaces that are swoon-worthy.

Short Sleeve Sweatshirt II Short Sleeve Sweatshirt III image_10862

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