Burgundy Fashion Trend

Yet another reason I love the fall (besides the beginning of all things pumpkin) is because it is safe to wear one of the best colors ever - for many months. Burgundy... or merlot, oxblood, maroon or wine...whatever you would like to call this beautiful shade of dark red - it is like the fashion equivalent of black to me. I own a lot of it because it is flattering, it hides stains and it is a great monochromatic color.

Some think the burgundy fashion trend, in all its richness, is really just a trend but I personally think it is a color that has timeless appeal.

I love to wear this burgundy Banana Republic tunic without a shirt beneath but I thought I'd switch it up and draw attention to the color of the texture in the tunic. The addition of the grey shirt is an easy way to neutralize the look for anyone not ready to embrace an all-out burgundy look. Similar pants to the ones I used in my burgundy fashion can be found here.

I have embraced the burgundy fashion trend for some time now. The shoes I styled my outfit with are sold out but you can find a similar style here (click the link).

Burgundy really is a great base color. Even if you just add one  staple item to your wardrobe in this color I think it will be a flattering complement to your wardrobe. Just make sure it suits your style.

Sweater Details Burgundy Slacks BR Burgundy II

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