Fashion Sweatshirts

What is that saying - everything that is old becomes new again? Show your personality with one of the season's latest old/new trends. Sweatshirts will always be in style, but the ante has been upped with statement-making, fashion sweatshirts, emblazoned with fun quotes, song lyrics and other pop culture.

Lots of brands are capitalizing on the trend; from Banana Republic's use of popular French phrases to H & M's embracing of hip hop lyrics and images on fashion sweatshirts and tees - it's easy to find a look (or a statement) which suits your mood.

Urban Outfitters can usually be counted on for one-of-a-kind styles, like the fashion sweatshirt I am loving and rocking below. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it because the song reminded me of fun times and it's a classic. I just got it but t is already currently out of stock. They have a pretty cool muscle tee featuring the Notorious BIG here.

UrbanOutfitter 2 UrbanOutfitter

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