Cami Dress

A cami dress is such great, underrated fashion. I love the ability of the cami dress to push the style envelope; it can be a bit provocative yet very demure at the same time. Of course several factors contribute to the level of provocation: the length, the fit or the silhouette of the dress, the cut of the cup (bra) and the material of the dress, to name a few. Personally, I like to straddle the line closer to the demure side when I wear this delightfully, sultry style. However in wearing this particular look, I would much rather play up the contour of my body versus the versions that closer resemble a true camisole or a "shift" style.

When I invested in my Herve Leger cami dress my goal was to buy a dress that would have a long closet life. I wanted a color that was not necessarily ordinary, but certainly not trendy or a Pantone color of the season. I also wanted to steer clear of prints that were "of the moment."  These reason are only because of the cost of this particular dress. Otherwise, I looooove this style of dress in bold colors and fun prints. With this particular dress, the lace on the hem, around the decollete and back was all I needed to be prodded to make the investment. I know I'll wear it at least a couple of times a year for at least as long as I can fit it or until I get tired of it. I'll share some very cute alternatives below.

Camisole dress (3)

Camisole dress


Pink cami dress (Topshop) | Floral cami dress (Topshop) | Floral trim cami dress (Bloomingdale's) | Schutz heels (alternate style) |


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