Coral Crush

I have a major coral crush going on right now. Actually this is not a new coral crush. I've always loved the color and loved pushing the envelope in pairing it with other colors. Right now the color really catches my eye so if I see anything I have to test myself with a few questions and make sure the item is a piece with some staying power, especially if it is not the most "friendly" price point.

My coral crush may be a vibrant color crush. When I pair coral I don't tend to stick with neutral colors (it depends on the event). My favorite color to pair it with is yellow, like Pantone's Buttercup Yellow. Another fun option is some shade of blue such as Pantone's Serenity Blue. I'm not averse to matching coral with black though. When I do, I look for ways to weave in ivory to balance it out.

I'd love to hear about your color crushes or the amazing ways you like to pair coral in the comments below. xx LS

coral crush

coral crush


Distressed white jeans (J Brand Cropped Skinny) | Coral/orange alternate - so cute! | (Zara) Yellow D'orsay heels (L.A.M.B.)

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