Contrasting colors

Raise your hands, your glass, your stylus - whatever - if like me you've got a thing for contrasting colors. For me, the more extreme the better. Like this monochromatic look accented with contrasting colors. This is a style that will get me through this season. I can't say it enough, these next few months are not for me. The chill and the snow are vibe killers. I have to create my own vibrancy and "sunshine" with my apparel.

I've always been a fan of burgundy, and oxblood - which has more red like my jeans. It is one of those palettes that works great with most skin tones. The color also creates a stylin', top-to-bottom, monochrome look.

My white leather jacket has been a staple for some time now. I paid a mint for it and have not regretted it. I take great care of it and I'm hopeful I will get at least a couple more years out of it. I've even had red wine spilled on it at a restaurant - my jacket is still pristine. I've got a great alternate for you here. This color is a must-have. It works with everything and is the perfect complement to create lasting, contrasting looks.

I still love the lariat necklaces. They are subtle yet manage to stand out on their own or with delicate, layered necklaces.

What are some of your favorite ways to contrast colors and create bold (or subtle) looks this season? Share your ideas with me! *wink*

Thanks for hanging loves!
contrasting colors oxblood


contrasting colors oxblood

contrasting colors oxblood

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